Friday, 13 March 2009

Urban Explorers...

Found a massive network of websites for urban explorers... I've joined several websites and had conversations with quite a few other enthusiasts. I've been put onto a whole host of new derelict sites which hopefully i'll be able to get to in the next week or so. Other members of these forums have been interested in both the project and and some have even mentioned meeting up for a mass urban explore to try and find new sites and help a novice like me get the footage i need.

Also been in contact with a film-maker who is interested in helping the project and has footage of some old sites that have since been redeveloped since he went there. i hope to keep in contact with him as i think he could be beneficial later on in the project when it comes to advice about the video editing and creating a narrative to the piec as he has lots of experience in this field.

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