Wednesday, 4 March 2009

First Outing

After checking out a load of "urban explorer" forums and armed with a Sony video camera and a couple of microphones, we decided West Ham and the Docklands area would be a good place to start our hunt for decent sites to get footage and recordings of. most of docklands is under redevelopment of some sort, so there is plenty of buildings to check out, but the major one we wanted to scout was Spillers Millenium Mills. A huge abandoned flour mill right next to Victoria Docks. Found the site but no decent access, definitely somewhere we will come back to though. got some external footage of the building and some atmos recordings of the local dock. Also found an abandoned pub just SE of the mill, which we managed to get into the garden of and take some really good shots of old beer kegs, a randomly placed bath and some other paraphenalia. nice site for sound as well, had some industrial buildings surrounding so got some recordings of walking round the pub garden kicking rubbish with industrial diggers and slamming metal in the distant. Added bonus that the area is right next to London city Airport, so got some airplane recordings too.

Footage to follow

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