Monday, 30 March 2009

Software Test...

Been trying out a couple of different video editing software's, in an attempt to find one I'm most comfortable with. Tried Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro. Decided to use Adobe as it seems a lot more functional, is laid out easier and has more options to get the look we're going for. Run into a few problems with the footage though, which I'll need to figure out. At the moment, the footage isn't a true 16:9 which we had hoped for it seems that the way we have been shooting on the Sony PD150 camera has just been cropping the footage to appear wide-screen. This isn't my area of expertise so I will get more clarification on resolving this problem when I next meet up with my friend who is taking care of the shooting and video editing side of things. As you can see from the test footage posted below, the filters and effects are currently effecting the whole screen rather than just the enveloped footage. I'm sure it will be pretty easy to fix for someone not as novice as me.

Test using part of bath sequence shot at Pontoon Dock,
with some scratch and noise filters added over the top of some time delay blurs using
Adobe Premiere Pro.

This clip shows the footage alongside some audio i sequenced roughly using Steinberg Nuendo.

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