Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Things have been a little slow the last week, as we've had problems securing recording equipment to go and shoot with, plus its been hard arranging freetime to shoot as we've had lots of other projects needing completion in the last week or so. That's all over and done with now so 100% dedication to the cause from now on.

As mentioned equipment hire has been a problem, so rather than waste a day, I went out with a digital SLR camera and took some stills at some possible sites around the Woolwich area. First two pictures are the Woolwich underpass and the last is the Woolwich skate park on the newly redeveloped Arsenal site.

Also had a meeting with my friend about designing my website for the project. He said he'd happily create something and we're going to meet up in 2 weeks time, once I have some more material, and put together the theme and overall design of the site. Spoke about the minimal but abstract idea I had before which he thinks is the best way to go.

Tomorrow, heading out to do some shooting round the old Woolwich Arsenal site and Silvertown, then time allowing head down to Dartford to the rotting barges. As well as shooting will try and capture some of the footage we have already and upload some bits to show you how its progressing.

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