Friday, 6 March 2009

Music vs Soundscape + Website

been thinking a lot about the content for the sound today and how it should fit and how it should glue everything together in the video. Unsure whether to go quite surreal and make the sound really atmospheric with lots of layers blurring together, or go the opposite and add elements of rhythm and musicality to the pot. Probably going to have to be some combination of the two just unsure at this stage how to do it and still work with footage we gather. Tried out the rhythmic use of the recordings today, in a quick experiment.

Contacting a friend about adding some final orchestral elements to the score when the video is complete if needed to add some extra depth.

Spoke about the website to my friend yesterday and that looks like its going to definitely happen. meeting him next Tuesday to discuss ideas, plus he also knows someone who works for English Heritage so potential there to get into some old buildings if it can be arranged.

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