Sunday, 17 May 2009

Time and Deadlines...

And now the hard work starts...

Got 2.5 weeks to finish editing the video together and make the soundscape if the installation is going to be done by ROA industry day. Been hit by a few snags though which could cause problems; my friend who was helping with the video editing side of things has been hit with glandular fever, so we've missed nigh on a whole week of video editing time. Also, got a lot of other work coming in from the radio station which is hindering my 100% dedication to the cause.

Anyhow for now, I'm plugging away on my own at the video editing whilst trying to lay the sound at the same time. What i have done looks quite good but pretty sure it could look better so fingers crossed I'll get some days with my colleague this week and get the majority of the video done.

On a plus note, got a meeting with the web designer on Monday so the site should be up and running in a couple of weeks. I also found all the equipment and a suitable room to house the installation on the day.

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